Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Here are some recent interesting and thought-provoking articles you can use to share and discuss with your students, school, and/or community!

ハンバーグが餃子になってもいい、「注文を間違える料理店」のすべて - How do community members face issues arising from their population demographics?

こども食堂オープン(宮崎県日南市) - How do communities help give a sense of place to their children?

Learn Japanese as You Binge on Netflix Anime How can anime help Japanese language learning?

As the Earth Feels Ever Smaller, Demand for Translators and Interpreters Skyrocket What is in store for those who hope to translate Japanese in the future?

Japanese Game Fans to Nintendo: We Want Translated, Not Localized Games When bringing products to the West, how do fans feel about the localization process?

Do you or your students have an interesting news article that you can use for other teachers or students? Please share them with us!

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